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Danish Christmas Activities & Traditions

In between the Christmas treats, lunches and dinners, there are a range of traditional activities to do. Why not bake your own Danish “peberkager”, “æbleskiver or make your own artistic “konfekt”? Let’s divide your group into teams and have a Bake Off – Christmas Edition!

Your group can also visit Sweden to experience the Santa Lucia tradition or visit the Christmas markets in Malmö on a short trip across the “Øresund” bridge in the afternoon, before returning to a Danish Christmas dinner in the evening. Between the courses, Danes typically enjoy a game of “pakkeleg” – everyone brings a small, wrapped gift; set the timer and roll the dice – roll a six and grab a gift. Who ends up with most presents?

Denmark offers many Christmas markets all over the country. See as many as possible on a Christmas market hop; we will organize your tour with transport. Our Gastro Tours are popular all year round – a special Christmas Gastro Tour can be arranged for groups, with activities incorporated and with stops at popular Christmas markets and restaurants. We recommend a stroll down the famous “Strøget” shopping street and visiting Tivoli to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations for a unique experience.

Want to know more about our Christmas activity programmes and events? Please contact Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or e-mail

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