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BDP is ready to assist with your medical congress needs

Medical congresses continue to be held worldwide and Scandinavia is a particularly popular destination to host such events. Scandinavia has gained its popularity because of its easy international accessibility, efficient and reliable public transportation system, growing repertoire of world-class hotels and restaurants, and friendly locals.

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Here at BDP, we are ready to assist you with all your medical congress services ranging from hotel accommodation, transportation, staff, pick-up of congress kits, side meetings, and of course all social events such as restaurant reservations, receptions, and more. We offer extensive local expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends within the events industry. We are experienced in assisting with medical congresses, so we are aware of the special demands and requests that go into the planning of such services and we know exactly how to accommodate them.

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As a company, we have vowed to take a sustainable approach to our line of work and therefore offer a wide selection of sustainable services to our clients.

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During these unprecedented COVID-19 times, our team at BDP is staying informed about the latest government regulations and how it affects our clients and the services we offer. The most important thing to us is safety, thus we commit to following all current recommendations from the local authorities as well as addressing our client’s specific concerns.


Congrats for the Award to the European Conference for Science Journalists

We are happy to share the news that the European Conference for Science Journalists (Danske Videnskabsjournalister) won the Copenhagen Congress and Event Award for congresses with less than 1000 participants.

BDP was the PCO on this Congress and we are very happy to hear about the award.

Read more about the nomination in Danish on altomkongres

You can read more about the congress here.

Every year Copenhagen hosts around 200 international congresses and sporting events which generates a great income to the city.  The congresses are also a platform for sharing knowledge, attract talent and export.

SDU Conference (1)

BDP the new Professional Congress Organizer for University of Southern Denmark

We are happy to announce that BDP has landed title as the official PCO of the University of Southern Denmark:

SDU is the first university in Denmark who has decided to enter into a framework agreement about use of Professional Congress Organizer on all conferences hosted by the 5 faculties at SDU: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Engineering.

BDP was together with other Danish Professional Congress Organizers invited to bid on the framework agreement. The evaluation parameters included overall cost, market knowledge & references as well as digital solutions. The evaluation of the bids was based on the OSLO model, were BDP came out with the highest score of all parameters.    


BDP is already involved in two conferences to be held respectively in 2018 and 2019. Further information about the two conferences will be announced, when SDU has won hosting of the conferences. 



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BDP welcomes 1000 science journalists to Copenhagen at ECSJ conference in June 2017

BDP Congress har indgået aftale med Danske Videnskabsjournalister om planlægning og afvikling af European Conference of Science Journalists, 26.-30. juni 2017 (ECSJ 2017), som afvikles i TV-Byen og IT-Universitetet i København. Der forventes mellem 800-1.000 fra Europas førende medier samt videnskabsjournalister fra hele verden vil deltage i konferencen, der også vil inddrage en lange række øvrige danske og internationale interessenter, herunder universiteter. ECSJ 2017 støttes af en lang række fonde blandt andre Novo Nordisk Fonden. BDP skal bidrage med rådgivning, projektledelse, deltagerregistrering samt administration af det faglige program.

BDP Congress has agreed with the Danish Science Journalists Association on the planning and execution of the European Conference of Science Journalists (ECSJ 2017), that will be held 26th-30th June 2017 at TV-Byen and the IT University in Copenhagen. It is expected that 800-1,000 participants from Europe’s leading media as well as science journalists from around the world will attend the conference, which will also involve a whole range of other Danish and international stakeholders, including universities. ECSJ 2017 is supported by a wide range of funds, among others, the Novo Nordisk Foundation. BDP should help with advice, project management, participant registration and administration of the academic program.

gourmet smørrebrød

Get your hands dirty, get your apron on, and start creating your very own gourmet smørrebrød

When visiting Copenhagen you must try the famous Danish smørrebrød. Even better – what about making them yourself in new Nordic surroundings at Refshaleøen?

Restaurant Aamanns’ is famous for its modern interpretation of “smørrebrød” in Copenhagen. Their amazing and industrial venue at Refshaleøen offers a workshop on how to create tasty smørrebrød for groups. You can easily combine this with a conference or corporate gathering at the same location.

When Aamanns isn’t busy hosting workshops, they run a cafeteria where businesses located on Refshaleøen come to eat delicious smørrebrød for lunch. The open space creates an undeniable community spirit between the workplaces. People gather around the long wooden tables to enjoy smørrebrød – just like in the old days. As soon as everyone is gathered at Aamanns for lunch you hear the glasses clinking, the cutlery rattling, and the summing of conversation and laughter fills the room.

The building, which today holds Aamanns, is called “The Main Warehouse”, which was once used as the old B&W shipyard’s depot. With its rustic and raw atmosphere, it is easy to picture the old working environment. The well-preserved space makes this venue particularly special for groups to visit.

If you would like to know more about using Aamanns as a venue for your group or you would like to experiment with a smørrebrøds workshop, please contact Nathalie Lambert at +45 33 45 45 12 or


Dine fancy, play volleyball, or jump straight in the water at Halvandet

A unique venue where it is possible to dine fancy, play volleyball, or jump straight in the water – whatever you prefer. Relax and enjoy a cocktail in the cabana as you watch the waves beat across the sea with wonderful Copenhagen as your primary view.

Halvandet entails all the raw and industrial details as the rest of the locations on Refshaleøen. However, Halvandet has accomplished to make their industrial halls and the outdoor area exclusive and elegant at the same time. This is a venue where it is just as appropriate to wear your bikini as it is to wear your most extravagant evening gown.

In the summertime, Halvandet is open for the public where it turns into a beach club with sunbeds, beach chairs, and the possibility of bathing in the ocean. As you enjoy a day at Halvandet music will be playing, the drinks will be cold and the food delicious. You probably won’t even believe you are still in Copenhagen when you see this place. Its atmosphere more resembles somewhere in the south; so combined with its distinctive industrial look – it truly is a place of its own.

The location is called “The Cable Halls” as they were used to produce cables once upon a time for the B&W shipyard. Halvandet consists of one very large hall and one smaller hall, which can be used for events.

If you would like to know more about using Halvandet for your group, please contact Ebbe Kiær at +45 33 45 45 11 or

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Carlsberg Conference Centre: new facilities in 2016

Consumed by approximately 15 million people worldwide daily, and with a production of no less than 750.000 Carlsberg bottles per hour, the brew is one of the most popular in the world – while also being one of the oldest in the region Europe.

Over the years, Carlsberg’s old brewery site has been transformed to offer a range of experiences and activities including beer tasting, guided tours or a ride in a horse carriage with Carlsberg’s impressive dray horses.

This year Carlsberg Conference Centre will open its doors, offering 15 meeting rooms and a larger hall, fully technically equipped with a range of venues for 4 -70 guests. These new facilities are situated right next to the exciting 10.000 m2 Visitor Centre – so why not end a productive day with an informal and relaxed dinner in the rustic ambience of Bar Jacobsen?

Carlsberg is “probably the best” place to have your next meeting or conference…

To find out more and discover how we can plan your next meeting or conference at a different venue, get in touch with Nathalie Lambert on +45 33 45 45 12 or