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Curious to learn more than the ordinary about us, Scandinavians? 

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Embark on a learning expedition about Scandinavia and explore Scandiliving.

Scandiliving, sustainability, happiest people in the world, cleanest air, breathtaking nature, daring architecture and clean design. Many of today’s trends you find up in the north. Curious to learn more than the ordinary about us, Scandinavians? Let us take you to the genuine Scandinavia where you will meet the experts, lecturers and locals – maybe enjoy some Danish Hygge or a Swedish fika afterwards.


Destination: Denmark


Denmark has on many lists been appointed: The Happiest Nation in the world, in close competition with Nordic neighbours as Finland and Norway. A modern country where keywords as mutual trust, equality, pragmatism is our DNA. Everything is solved by a cup of coffee and hygge. Apart from a solid social welfare system, the Danes have for decades ruled on the international scene of architecture and interior design, especially furniture. Sustainability and innovation have a strong focus, in a country where every 

Dane has an average of min. 1 bike. Furthermore, the Danes’ history goes back to the Vikings and further. Denmark is the oldest kingdom in the world, and today, of course, ruled by a queen.

5,8 million Danes can’t be wrong – come and challenge them!

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Sweden is the land of vast pine forests, emerald dotted archipelagos combined with healthy living, focus on sustainability and a country of equality and consensus. IKEA, ABBA and Volvo are strong Swedish brands. 

It is also a nation with a long history and culture, and the capital Stockholm is home of the Nobel Prize. However, modern Sweden is also ‘losing innocence’, refugees, neutrality and Nordic Noir. Curious? Come and meet our local experts and let us discuss e.g. one of the below topics on a site visit or lecture. 

Destination: Norway


Norway – the country with the most stunning nature in the Nordics. Deep fiords, steep mountains, breathtaking panoramas and aurora borealis in the polar winter.

The country invites to immersion and diving into nature, but the Norwegians themselves have a dramatic history from the Vikings and their brave expeditions to “Vinland” (Canada) and Greenland over proud resistance movement in WWII to discovery of the oil. Lifted up a poor fisherman’s population into a modern and social welfare-based society. However, they keep their culture, traditions and Norwegians still have a strong national identity. Let us introduce you to these proud people.

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