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Charming Danish Christmas Markets

Walking around the many old streets and squares in Denmark at Christmas time, you might stumble upon a Christmas market with everything from handmade Christmas decorations to”Gløgg”, hot chocolate and  “æbleskiver” with jam and icing sugar.

Found in larger towns as well as many little villages, the most popular markets are in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. A short visit can be the perfect little break between work and dinner; experience Danish culture up close and have a chat next to one of the market’s huts while enjoying a warm cup of Gløgg. Don’t forget your warm coat and gloves, although many markets offer heating lamps to keep you warm.

For more information about the Christmas markets and group arrangements, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or e-mail

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