Luftfoto over Femern Bæltet taget fra den tyske side på Fehmarn. Billede fra 2008.

Aerial photo of the Fehmarnbelt taken from the German side on Fehmarn. Photo taken 2008.

Luftbild über den Fehmarnbelt von Fehmarn aus. Aufnahme 2008.

Everything you need to know about one of Denmark’s biggest projects

Visualisation of the portal and ramp to the tunnel

Finally, after almost 30 years of planning, the turning of the first sod of the construction of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link, the tunnel between Denmark and Germany has finally happened. Easier access to Denmark and Scandinavia – and it opens for new opportunities, also for tourism.

Plans to bridge the 18 kilometers between Lolland, Denmark and Fehmarn, Germany emerged in the late 1990s. Until 2010, when the plans for the bridge got discarded, the 20-km-long bridge stretching the possibilities of engineering should have been ready in 2018. However, in 2010 new feasibility analysis by the Danish Fehmarn A/S showed that a tunnel would be a better solution. It took 8 years to prepare plans for the tunnel and acquire every building authorization, but in 2020 the contract got finally activated by the Danish Parliament, Folketinget. The constructions should have started in the summer of 2020, however, because of the pandemic, they got delayed.Visualisation of the work harbour and tunnel factory.

First, a factory is built to produce 79 concrete elements to be sunk in the Baltic sea and connecting them will form the tunnel accommodating 2×2 lanes of highway and 2 tracks for railway.

Once the tunnel opens in 2029, the 45-minute ferry ride will be replaced by a 10-minute car ride or a 7-minute train-ride. The Hamburg – Copenhagen travel time will be a little over 3 hours instead of the current 5 hours and no ferry schedules have to be paid attention to. Amongst others, it puts Hamburg into the range of an electric car from Copenhagen, so it encourages e-cars. The attraction also increases awareness of the area thus boosting local tourism and Copenhagen will get a new understanding on the German travel market.

Online groundbreaking event for the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel

Click on the image to check out the Danish Ministries of Transport and Housing video about the world’s first digital sod-cutting event. Once completed, Denmark will be the proud owner of the world’s longest car-train tunnel.


Watch the Futurology’s video about the construction and the way led up to the groundbreaking.

Safe business meeting outside, social distancing, Royal Playhouse, Opera House

BDP is ready to assist with your medical congress needs

Medical congresses continue to be held worldwide and Scandinavia is a particularly popular destination to host such events. Scandinavia has gained its popularity because of its easy international accessibility, efficient and reliable public transportation system, growing repertoire of world-class hotels and restaurants, and friendly locals.

Business meeting in masks
📷 by Cherrydeck on Unsplash

Here at BDP, we are ready to assist you with all your medical congress services ranging from hotel accommodation, transportation, staff, pick-up of congress kits, side meetings, and of course all social events such as restaurant reservations, receptions, and more. We offer extensive local expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends within the events industry. We are experienced in assisting with medical congresses, so we are aware of the special demands and requests that go into the planning of such services and we know exactly how to accommodate them.

Business men walking in front of colourful houses
📷 by Kim Wyon

As a company, we have vowed to take a sustainable approach to our line of work and therefore offer a wide selection of sustainable services to our clients.

Businesswoman at Copenhagen Airport
📷 by Daniel Rasmussen

During these unprecedented COVID-19 times, our team at BDP is staying informed about the latest government regulations and how it affects our clients and the services we offer. The most important thing to us is safety, thus we commit to following all current recommendations from the local authorities as well as addressing our client’s specific concerns.

It's time to meet in Copenhagen again

New Normal at BDP – how we adjust

BDP has still an increased focus on safety while keeping a strong dedication to sustainability and creating unforgettable experiences. As we are all steering through uncharted waters, we decided to create this page to collect relevant information to keep you updated. We hope to see you again soon.

Explore all 5 categories of having a safe and memorable visit to Copenhagen and don’t hesitate to follow the links in the pictures to further explore the topics and read up-to-date information from the authorities.

Sustainable Supplier of the Month

Sustainable Supplier of the Month

Sustainability in its many forms is a huge part of the BDP DNA and as such, we are always curious about the interesting sustainable actions being taken in the world today.

Our curiosity led us to the idea, that we would pay tribute to those of our suppliers who are doing something special in regards to sustainability.

This is why, every first week of the month, we will be announcing a new “Sustainable Supplier of the Month” in this blog post and on our social media.

 We hope you will like (read: love ❤️) the concept and feel inspired by the many creative sustainable projects out there! 💡

#8 – March 2020


If you visit Kadetten’s café, bakery or meeting locations in spectacular surroundings at Kronborg Castle, you will not only get the chance to treat yourself with delicious coffee and meals but also support to troubled teenagers and young people stepping on the job market.

The building where the cadets used to get their stripes on the shoulders when they advanced in rank and became officers now serves as the place where all the café’s cadets make sure that the guests get a memorable experience. Both culinarily, service-wise and historically – considering the restaurant’s unique area.

Kadetten is owned by a non-profit social-economic foundation whose purpose is to create a place in the labour market for people with special needs. Their ambition is to develop their cadets professionally, socially and personally so that special needs become special skills – and real jobs. The café offers organic meals. The most special of them is the organic rye bread which is also included in many dishes. The soldiers in their time were given rye bread as part of their salary. At Kronborg, there are several walled ovens where the rye bread was baked. The items on the menu are home-made and many of the raw materials were grown in the area by the cadets.

Sustainability is not only all about environmentalism but also to contribute to society and focus on the development of the individual. Kadetten sets an example of how to incorporate CSR into the business model yet stay profitable, BDP salutes such dedication.

#7 – February 2020

Totem Entertainment

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that the Sustainable Supplier of the Month in February is Totem Entertainment.

Totem Entertainment combines breath-taking dance, lightshow, fire and body paint with utmost professionalism and sustainability. With the aim of being the leaders in creating sustainable performances for the event industry in Denmark, they change their operations and the design of the shows.

Latest initiative is the partnership with Mike Bloomberg Philanthropies NYC to produce and co-create the Climate Awards, which were held at the end of last year, during the C40 Climate Conference in Copenhagen was the biggest step for Totem Entertainment. The purpose of the awards is to recognise world leaders who are managing climate change in their cities. The story weaved many of Denmark’s climate friendly initiatives into the introduction to each of the awards, including the electric boats on the harbour, bicycle bridges and clean energy.

Creating costumes from waste decoration materials and the sustainability-themed shows are the first step of this precious journey, BDP is proud to support and recognize. We welcome the new astonishing performances and creative ideas to take of the environment!

#6 – January 2020


2020’s first Sustainable Supplier of the Month is … drumroll … Comwell Hotels! The chain deserves the acknowledgement for providing award-winning guest experiences yet have sustainability as their highest priority.

Their efforts, called Comwell Care are recognised nationally and internationally by the REFOOD label, the Green Key label and the Organic Cuisine Label.

They have increased the amount of vegetables and use less but better-quality meat in their kitchens. They also bake, pickle and produce more food from scratch. In their spa facilities sustainable, paraben-free products up to 70% ecology in certain products, natural and essential oils are used. Spas focus on bathrobe and towel consumption and use soya candles with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel instead of scented candles and fragrance sticks. As per housekeeping, perfume-free and environmentally friendly, non-allergic materials and chemicals are used with the aim of purchasing products only with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


To BDP’s greatest enthusiasm, a newly built green hotel will be opened in 2021 100 meters away from the new metro line in Copenhagen’s new, upcoming trendy neighbourhood, Nordhavnen. Nordhavn has a special place in BDP’s heart as cruise vessels dock in this area as well, so a great collaboration is expected with Comwell Copenhagen Portside.

#5 – DECEMBER 2019


Copenhagen is without a doubt amongst the best cycling cities in Europe and cycling plays an important role in Copenhagen’s plan of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025.

We would like to share the Copenhageners’ enthusiasm for biking with visitors. Getting around by bike is an essential part of understanding the Danish lifestyle.

Our long-established and beloved partner, Københavns Cykelbørs has provided bikes for us for many seasons and enhanced the variety of tours and opened new horizons in tour-designs. Københavns Cykelbørs has been around since 1881 and has played an important role in Copenhagen’s biking history. The shop both rents; sells and repairs bikes. The service of delivering bikes has been a great help, especially for the Cruise Department. Safety is the first priority both for BDP and Københavns Cyklebørs, so helmets, high-visibility vests and locks are included.

Cykel Ole has been nominated to be our Sustainable supplier of December because he and Cykelbørsen truly complement and augment BDP’s sustainable preferences. Cykelbørsen doesn’t only help us save the environment from the pollution of diesel-run engines but also shares our values regarding business integrity and responsible labour practices.

#4 – NOVEMBER 2019


Say hello to Novembers Sustainable Supplier of the month: Cofoco!

In the fall of 2019, Cofoco officially introduced “Carbon Free Dining”. This means, that all the menus at Cofocos Restaurants have increased by 5 DKK per person. The money is donated directly to a tree-planting project in collaboration with Green Earth Appeal.

Among other things, Green Earth Appeal works to establish ecosystems and sustainable forests and agriculture in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

With this new project, Cofoco invites their guests to take an active part in a greater purpose and to contribute to a better future for our fellow people, the environment and climate.

#3 – OKTOBER 2019


Octobers nomination for Sustainable Supplier of the month goes to Annette Von Einem.

In October, Annette Von Einem is awarded Sustainable Supplier of the month because she is one of the first flower designers to work with sustainably grown flowers, paper wrapping instead of plastic cellophane and biodegradable oasis (that funny green foam used for decorations).

Annette von Einem is located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. She and her team deliver exciting and creative decorations and bindings for larger events. Annette has no less than 18 years of experience behind her and it shows – now also in a sustainable fashion!

#2 – SEPTEMBER 2019


Septembers Sustainable Supplier of the month is awarded to Nordic Choice Hotels for their initiative ”Sweet Dreams Stay”. The idea is simple but powerful: if a customer chooses not to get their room cleaned for one night, Nordic Choice Hotels will donate money to UNICEF’s work against child trafficking.

At BDP we find this concept unique in many ways, not least because child trafficking is a subject can be difficult to address.

Sweet Dreams is one of 6 We-Care concepts that Nordic Choice Hotels work with.

#1 – AUGUST 2019


Our very first Sustainable Supplier of the Month is Bybi. Bybi produces honey from beehives in different areas of Copenhagen. Besides being a green and sustainable company, Bybi enriches the local community and environment by the socially excluded in honey production, sale and bee reproduction.

At Bybi you can get an exceptional taste of honey ice cream, honey rum or even honey beer. BDP has supported Bybi’s fascinating and sustainable honey production concept since 2012 and has only grown more fond of it over the years. Apart from sponsoring 140.000 of the City Bees, we also plan tours and events with Bybi.

Where in CPH

Where in CPH?

Play along and get to know 10 brilliant locations in Copenhagen Copenhagen holds much more than the reputation of bicycles and clean harbours and in this blog post, we show you some of the unique experiences lurking around every corner of this fairy tale city. Below we have selected 10 locations in Copenhagen and encourage you to play along and see if you can guess the location based on the clues in the pictures. In the last picture, you will find the right answers along with information on that particular location. Can you guess where in CPH?

Bjarke Ingels’ newest footprints in Copenhagen

Danish Architecture is easily considered one of Denmark’s most influential international reputation. In 2019, two tremendous Bjarke Ingels projects reached the bay, the Ying Yang Panda Facility in Copenhagen Zoo and Copenhill. Bjarke Ingels founded BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group in 2005 after co-founding PLOT Architects in 2001 and working at OMA in Rotterdam. Bjarke defines architecture as the art and science of making sure our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives. Through careful analysis of various parameters from local culture and climate, everchanging patterns of contemporary life, to the ebbs and flows of the global economy, Bjarke believes in the idea of information-driven-design as the driving force for his design process. Named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME Magazine in 2016, Bjarke has designed and completed award-winning buildings globally.


Tourists taking their compulsory selfies with the Little Mermaid might discover a weird, triangle-shaped metal building with chimneys in the background. Copenhill is not only the city’s brand-new urban mountain sports facility but an important milestone in reaching Copenhagen’s plan of becoming Co2 neutral by 2025.

Now all Copenhageners and visitors can hit the slopes in the flattest country in Scandinavia all year round! As a multifunctional urban mountain, Copenhill is placed on top of a state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plant, which is one of the best and most complex of this kind in the world.

Besides Skiing & Snowboarding, the visitor can run, hike and train as well as climb and round up the adventure in their cosy facilities and grab something to eat and drink.

The plant, ARC, produces environmental-friendly energy with the newest technology by burning waste and turning the exhaust into energy which yearly provides the city of Copenhagen with electricity for 30,000 households and central heating for 72,000 households.

Panda Facility

“The arrival of the pandas and the opening of the Panda Facility is a historical event.” – said Jørgen Nielsen, the Administrative Director of the Zoo of Copenhagen.

The preparations to welcome the two panda bears from China started many years ago with the planning of the facility, preparing zookeepers to take care of the pandas and building the facilities. The Ying-Yang shaped Panda Facility were revealed in early 2017 and after 18 months of construction, Her Majesty the Queen, Margrethe II and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mary amongst with other prestigious guests participated in the opening celebrity. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark also became the protector of the Zoo as the pandas were state-present to the Queen.