New BDP Products

BDP is always creating new products to enchant visitors into discovering Scandinavia in new ways.

Happy Danmark

Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world and they are ok to share their secret with you.

It’s all about Hygge! Discover the Danish way of life through activities and talks with Danes that deal with Happiness every day.

Denmark for beginners: A trip in the shape of a crash course to a big little country

What makes Denmark iconic? From Vikings to Design, from H.C. Andersen to Hygge. Learn to know Denmark like the back of your hand during a fun dynamic and surprising tour.

Denmark for Foodies

We love our land and it shows in our plate. Fancy a bite?

Danes are attached to traditions but they constantly set new trends. Discover Nordic cuisine from its basics to the New Nordic with a hands-on approach. A culinary trip.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Walk in the steps of HC Andersen and discover the enchanted side of Denmark

An immersive tour where you will go on a fairytale treasure hunt, revise your childhood classics and learn more about the power of storytelling. Hey ! Was that a mermaid over there?