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5 tips to experience Copenhagen by Boat

The harbour and canals are some of Copenhagen’s most characteristic features. Some say the city is best explored from the sea side. The BDP Team agrees – here we give you a few of our favourite options if your group wants to experience Copenhagen by Boat:

#1 The Sustainable:

The eco-friendly way of exploring Copenhagen from the seaside is on board the solar-powered boats designed around the concept of keeping the beautiful canals and harbour clean and undisturbed.

Passengers sit around a little table, where you can enjoy an organic picnic and wine and sail off with a clean conscience on the sustainable boats. There is room for eight people on board and the boats have no roof.

#2 The Classic:

Your group can enjoy Copenhagen onboard the classic boats with the nickname ”Copenhagen’s Water Limousines”. They received an award in 2014 for being the world’s best electric boats. Passengers sit around the small tables on board; perfect for an offshore snack or aperitif. The boats have a roof and are designed with a focus on comfort and stability, with room for 9-12 people on board.

#3 The Classic XXL:

For larger groups we offer another classic seaside experience of Copenhagen’s harbour and canals; with room for 70 passengers, these boats are ideal for a dinner cruise or drinks and canapés. We offer catering and design a personalized route for your group. The boats have a roof and are comfortable and stable.

#4 The Speedy:

If you are looking for adventure, Zodiac boats are just right for you. With a max speed of 71 knots – equivalent to131 km/h – your group is guaranteed an action-packed experience. The boats are specially designed to remain stable even at high speeds and can take up to 12 passengers.

#5 The Historical:

Copenhagen’s harbour is home to many old, beautiful vessels; three of them are berthed very centrally by the Opera and the royal palace, and can be booked for business and pleasure. The ships date back to 1900 and have room for up to 42 passengers.


Whether we plan a picnic or an unforgettable and unique meeting for your group on the schooners, these elegant, historical ships never fail to impress.

Is your group looking for a classic, sustainable, historical or action-packed experience in Copenhagen harbour? We are ready to plan your unforgettable experience on the water. For more information and reservations, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on or by phone: +45 33 45 45 11

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