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BDP Supports: BYBI sustainable honey production

BDP has supported BYBI’s fascinating and sustainable honey production concept since 2012 and has only grown more fond of it over the years. Apart from sponsoring 140.000 of the City Bees, we also plan tours and events with BYBI.

Have you ever tasted honey ice cream? BYBI is all about sustainability; the ice cream bicycle can be booked for groups all over Copenhagen, serving refreshing, locally-produced honey ice cream.

We can also arrange a special “honey tasting”, where your group tastes the different honey varieties produced in Copenhagen’s neighbourhoods. Each jar of honey has its own story.

Interested in getting even closer to the bees? For a hands-on experience, we can plan your group’s visit to BYBI where you get to produce your own honey! Each participant gets to take a jar of honey home as a reminder of this unique experience featuring so many wonderful colours, smells and tastes.

Try a combination of these experiences; how about a bicycle tour in Copenhagen with a pit stop for a honey tasting? A guided walking tour can also be arranged with a short break in e.g. the beautiful park “Kongens Have” where your group finds the BYBI ice cream bicycle for fresh and sweet honey ice cream.

Get in touch with Ebbe Kiær for more information: or +45 33 45 45 11.

About BYBI:

The company was founded in 2010 with the core values of being green, sustainable and enriching the local community and environment through the production. BYBI does this by involving asylum seekers and the homeless; BYBI supports the socially excluded through education in honey production, sale and bee reproduction. Today there are approximately 20 bee yards in Copenhagen and the number keeps growing.

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