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BDP Recommends: Luleå, Sweden

Looking for a Nordic Adventure?

Whether you are in the mood for a husky sleigh ride, a snow scooter trip or a gala dinner on the ice under the waves of the colourful Aurora Borealis, Luleå in the Swedish Lapland is the place to go for a Nordic Adventure. If you are fond of music, a visit during the absolutely unique ‘Ice Music’ season is recommended – as the name indicates, it is music played on ‘ICEstruments’ and in an ICEconcerthall with a temperature of -5°C.

The BDP team headed north for an exciting Kick Off trip in the cosy, Swedish winter landscape. When asked about the best Nordic Adventure in Luleå, BDP answered:

“We stopped for lunch along the way on the snow scooter trip. It was freezing, -12°C, and our reindeerblanket had frozen to ice – but the fireplace made it warm and cosy!”
– Nick Courtney, Key Account Manager


”We were in the sauna for 5-10 minutes, and then went to roll in the snow – then back into the sauna. I mostly stayed in the hot tub afterwards, but Henrik rolled in the snow many times – he was brave!”
– Nathalie Lambert, Event & Meeting Designer


”Luleå is something you never forget. And the food was amazing, we ate reindeer and moose meat.”
– Kamma Dal, Project Manager, Cruise


Offering plenty of activities, there is always something to do. Compared to other popular destinations in the region, Luleå is authentic.

Furthermore, Luleå is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site; you must not miss “Gammelstad Kyrkstad” while you are there. At the centre of the Middle Age village is a 15th century church, surrounded by 424 huts for the worshippers that used to travel far for church service.

You can fly from Stockholm to Luleå in just 1 hour

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