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Rainbow Tour: Walk in the footsteps of The Danish Girl

Ever wondered where the first ever registration of a homosexual couple took place? Did you know that a Dane was one of the first to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, marking a revolution for the LGBT community?

On this tour, your group will walk in the footsteps of “The Danish Girl” to experience the Danish transgender love story between Gerda Wegener and Lili Elbe up close. On a visit to the museum Arken, your group will see the famous Gerda Wegener’s colourful paintings of Lili Elbe, sensual and flirtatious women, inspired by carnivals and other entertainment.

Your guided tour continues on a stroll down the gorgeous cobbled streets of Copenhagen, where your group will discover the historic places from the film with their own eyes. Charming locations as seen on screen, such as the Nyhavn canal and the Royal Theatre are visited, bringing you close to the artist couple, Gerda Wegener and the transgender Lili Elbe, and their time spent together in Copenhagen. Along the way there will be stops at other spots significant for the LGBT community; refreshments are served at the world’s oldest LGBT bar, where after your guide will take you to the “Rainbow Square” and tell you about the first ever registration of a homosexual couple on 1 October, 1989.

Dinner is served at Restaurant Kronborg, a cozy restaurant popular within the gay community, followed by a special “The Danish Girl” cocktail at the classy cocktail bar Curfew in the heart of Copenhagen. From there, many other LGBT-friendly bars are just a walk away…

For more information and booking, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on ek@bdp.dk or +45 33 45 45 11.

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