People on Hygge Tour

Hygge Tour by BDP

People on Hygge Tour

Hygge is everywhere these days! In podcasts, books, and the television, and while the Danish concept of coziness is crossing the Danish borders and getting known in far away countries, we think there is something inherently danish about the concept of Hygge. And by that, we don’t just think of how it is pronounced (imagine having a hot potato in your mouth)! No, we think Hygge needs to be experienced where it originates from, in Denmark!

Therefore we have created a tour, that is filled with coziness, learning about the Danish way of life, how Hygge comes into the picture, and of course, includes the coziest places in Copenhagen!

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What is the Hygge Tour like?

You will get around Copenhagen with a local Dane who will give you a personal taste of their lives, their city and culture. The concept of Hygge is integrated into the entire tour, which gives you a better understanding of the concept by experiencing it first hand. See non-touristy corners of Copenhagen. Walk past small cozy cobblestone streets, while not missing out on some of Copenhagen major sights.  Then finish off the tour with a surprising twist that will make this tour memorable and give you a real insight into the Danish way of life. But pssst, we won’t reveal much more, we hope to surprise you at the Hygge tour.

Book your Hygge Tour with BDP and experience local secrets around Hygge!

Tour includes:

  • A taste of Hygge (Snack)
  • Refreshments ( Danish beer or other refreshments)
  • Headsets
  • Local experience


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