Sustainable Supplier of the Month

Sustainable Supplier of the Month

Sustainability in its many forms is a huge part of the BDP DNA and as such, we are always curious about the interesting sustainable actions being taken in the world today.

Our curiosity led us to the idea, that we would pay tribute to those of our suppliers who are doing something special in regards to sustainability.

This is why, every first week of the month, we will be announcing a new “Sustainable Supplier of the Month” in this blog post and on our social media.

 We hope you will like (read: love ❤️) the concept and feel inspired by the many creative sustainable projects out there! 💡

#6 – January 2020


2020’s first Sustainable Supplier of the Month is … drumroll … Comwell Hotels! The chain deserves the acknowledgement for providing award-winning guest experiences yet have sustainability as their highest priority.

Their efforts, called Comwell Care are recognised nationally and internationally by the REFOOD label, the Green Key label and the Organic Cuisine Label.

They have increased the amount of vegetables and use less but better-quality meat in their kitchens. They also bake, pickle and produce more food from scratch. In their spa facilities sustainable, paraben-free products up to 70% ecology in certain products, natural and essential oils are used. Spas focus on bathrobe and towel consumption and use soya candles with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel instead of scented candles and fragrance sticks. As per housekeeping, perfume-free and environmentally friendly, non-allergic materials and chemicals are used with the aim of purchasing products only with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


To BDP’s greatest enthusiasm, a newly built green hotel will be opened in 2021 100 meters away from the new metro line in Copenhagen’s new, upcoming trendy neighbourhood, Nordhavnen. Nordhavn has a special place in BDP’s heart as cruise vessels dock in this area as well, so a great collaboration is expected with Comwell Copenhagen Portside.

#5 – DECEMBER 2019


Copenhagen is without a doubt amongst the best cycling cities in Europe and cycling plays an important role in Copenhagen’s plan of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025.

We would like to share the Copenhageners’ enthusiasm for biking with visitors. Getting around by bike is an essential part of understanding the Danish lifestyle.

Our long-established and beloved partner, Københavns Cykelbørs has provided bikes for us for many seasons and enhanced the variety of tours and opened new horizons in tour-designs. Københavns Cykelbørs has been around since 1881 and has played an important role in Copenhagen’s biking history. The shop both rents; sells and repairs bikes. The service of delivering bikes has been a great help, especially for the Cruise Department. Safety is the first priority both for BDP and Københavns Cyklebørs, so helmets, high-visibility vests and locks are included.

Cykel Ole has been nominated to be our Sustainable supplier of December because he and Cykelbørsen truly complement and augment BDP’s sustainable preferences. Cykelbørsen doesn’t only help us save the environment from the pollution of diesel-run engines but also shares our values regarding business integrity and responsible labour practices.

#4 – NOVEMBER 2019


Say hello to Novembers Sustainable Supplier of the month: Cofoco!

In the fall of 2019, Cofoco officially introduced “Carbon Free Dining”. This means, that all the menus at Cofocos Restaurants have increased by 5 DKK per person. The money is donated directly to a tree-planting project in collaboration with Green Earth Appeal.

Among other things, Green Earth Appeal works to establish ecosystems and sustainable forests and agriculture in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

With this new project, Cofoco invites their guests to take an active part in a greater purpose and to contribute to a better future for our fellow people, the environment and climate.

#3 – OKTOBER 2019


Octobers nomination for Sustainable Supplier of the month goes to Annette Von Einem.

In October, Annette Von Einem is awarded Sustainable Supplier of the month because she is one of the first flower designers to work with sustainably grown flowers, paper wrapping instead of plastic cellophane and biodegradable oasis (that funny green foam used for decorations).

Annette von Einem is located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. She and her team deliver exciting and creative decorations and bindings for larger events. Annette has no less than 18 years of experience behind her and it shows – now also in a sustainable fashion!

#2 – SEPTEMBER 2019


Septembers Sustainable Supplier of the month is awarded to Nordic Choice Hotels for their initiative ”Sweet Dreams Stay”. The idea is simple but powerful: if a customer chooses not to get their room cleaned for one night, Nordic Choice Hotels will donate money to UNICEF’s work against child trafficking.

At BDP we find this concept unique in many ways, not least because child trafficking is a subject can be difficult to address.

Sweet Dreams is one of 6 We-Care concepts that Nordic Choice Hotels work with.

#1 – AUGUST 2019


Our very first Sustainable Supplier of the Month is Bybi. Bybi produces honey from beehives in different areas of Copenhagen. Besides being a green and sustainable company, Bybi enriches the local community and environment by the socially excluded in honey production, sale and bee reproduction.

At Bybi you can get an exceptional taste of honey ice cream, honey rum or even honey beer. BDP has supported Bybi’s fascinating and sustainable honey production concept since 2012 and has only grown more fond of it over the years. Apart from sponsoring 140.000 of the City Bees, we also plan tours and events with Bybi.

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