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Charming Danish Christmas Markets

Walking around the many old streets and squares in Denmark at Christmas time, you might stumble upon a Christmas market with everything from handmade Christmas decorations to”Gløgg”, hot chocolate and  “æbleskiver” with jam and icing sugar.

Found in larger towns as well as many little villages, the most popular markets are in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. A short visit can be the perfect little break between work and dinner; experience Danish culture up close and have a chat next to one of the market’s huts while enjoying a warm cup of Gløgg. Don’t forget your warm coat and gloves, although many markets offer heating lamps to keep you warm.

For more information about the Christmas markets and group arrangements, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or e-mail

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Sweet Danish Christmas Treats

The Danish Christmas cuisine is something that everyone should experience! During the long winter in Denmark, the cosy Christmas traditions and all the sweet treats are well-deserved and longed for. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are the key spices to a whole world of delicious Christmas biscuits – “Peberkage”, “Jødekage” and “Klejne”, just to name a few.

A soft alternative to the crispy, spicy biscuits are “Æbleskiver” – apple slices, directly translated. The little delicacy is round as an apple and similar to pancake dough. It is typically served with icing sugar and jam – as well as a warm cup of “Gløgg”; a mix of wine, almonds, raisins and spices.

For the extra sweet tooth, we have our own kind of homemade Christmas sweets: “konfekt”. Like little pieces of art, each is made individually of nougat, nuts and marzipan put together and often decorated with chocolate buttons or similar.


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Organic Swedish Meatballs – a must!

For the true Swedish experience, a visit to Sweden’s first meatball shop is a must. You can choose between no less than 14 kinds of organic meatballs! For meat lovers, there is rooster, moose, ox, wild boar, two kinds of pork and reindeer on the menu; there is also a vegetarian option as well as fishballs.

To quench your thirst, why not indulge in a Sleepy Bulldog pale ale or a Södra Jura lager? For the sweet tooth there is also pannacotta with raspberry sauce and oat crumbs, or a white chocolate cheesecake… No wonder their motto is “We love to cook, you love to eat”!

Interested in this culinary experience – perhaps after a roof-top tour or before a long stroll around the old streets of charming Stockholm? Please get in touch with Nathalie Lambert on +45 33 45 45 12 or e-mail: to discover how we can plan your group’s visit.

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Alternative sightseeing in Stockholm

What better way to experience Sweden’s capital than standing on top of Stockholm’s supreme court – with a “Kanelbulle”, cinnamon roll, in one hand, and hot chocolate in the other? No need to worry, you will be secured to each roof; all you have to do is have fun and enjoy.

To give your group a different kind of sightseeing tour, Stockholm offers an untraditional option; get on top of old and new buildings and enjoy the view from the roofs around the city.

The tour is guided and it can even be done at night. Your group will love watching the sunset at the end of the tour with a refreshing glass of champagne.

For alternative sightseeing with your group in Stockholm, perhaps combined with a traditional Swedish dinner once you are back on the ground, get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or e-mail to find out what we can offer your group.


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Scandinavian Design & Luxury at Nobis

Experience the ultimate Swedish luxury at Hotel Nobis ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, located in the heart of the city in an old bank:

The 19th century buildings are beautifully designed by the Swedish architect studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, with inspiration from the Swedish Royal Capital; an elegant combination of old and modern Scandinavia. If you’re looking for top class quality and luxury, Hotel Nobis never fails to impress.

The hotel is a member of Design Hotels™, and offers meeting rooms in many sizes. The capacity ranges from 4-24 people. Whether your group is staying at the Nobis for business or pleasure, all needs will be covered. You might never want to leave!

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Time travelling on Stockholm’s retro tram

Sightseeing is an important part of experiencing a new city but sometimes it can get a little exhausting to walk all day. Luckily Stockholm offers the perfect solution for that!

How about a little break onboard the old retro tram – and a coffee? A ride on this rolling museum feels like a travel back in time, making it the ideal transport to visit historical sites in Stockholm, such as the Vasa Museum, home of the magnificent warship from the 17th century, restored after 333 years underwater.

A short rest on the retro tram will give your group a moment to appreciate Sweden’s pretty nature on the island of Djurgården while getting ready for the next overwhelming experience. The tram dates back to the 1940s and can be privately booked for groups.

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Denmark still part of the Gastro Elite

The world’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015 have been announced in London!

Good news – Denmark is still a culinary hotspot. The 15 Danish restaurants have 18 Michelin stars altogether. Three restaurants have two Michelin stars, and the world famous Noma has now been in the Top 3 four times in six years.

This year Noma received a third place, and Copenhagen’s “Relæ” is now number 45. On a bigger scale, Geranium was given the 51st place on the Top 100, with Amass following on the 66th place.

We’re not surprised that one in three tourists mention “Food” as one of the main reasons to visit Denmark!

Curious to know what the fuss is about? Let us show your group the organic nr. 45, Relæ, which is all about the New Nordic cuisine. Head chef Puglisi previously worked at El Bulli and Noma, guaranteeing a world-class gastro experience in the cosy and hip Nørrebro neighbourhood in Copenhagen.

Looking for the upcoming restaurants? We always have our eyes on the next big thing…

Get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or send him an e-mail on to find out how we can arrange your group’s unforgettable experience of the Gastro Elite.

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5 tips to experience Copenhagen by Boat

The harbour and canals are some of Copenhagen’s most characteristic features. Some say the city is best explored from the sea side. The BDP Team agrees – here we give you a few of our favourite options if your group wants to experience Copenhagen by Boat:

#1 The Sustainable:

The eco-friendly way of exploring Copenhagen from the seaside is on board the solar-powered boats designed around the concept of keeping the beautiful canals and harbour clean and undisturbed.

Passengers sit around a little table, where you can enjoy an organic picnic and wine and sail off with a clean conscience on the sustainable boats. There is room for eight people on board and the boats have no roof.

#2 The Classic:

Your group can enjoy Copenhagen onboard the classic boats with the nickname ”Copenhagen’s Water Limousines”. They received an award in 2014 for being the world’s best electric boats. Passengers sit around the small tables on board; perfect for an offshore snack or aperitif. The boats have a roof and are designed with a focus on comfort and stability, with room for 9-12 people on board.

#3 The Classic XXL:

For larger groups we offer another classic seaside experience of Copenhagen’s harbour and canals; with room for 70 passengers, these boats are ideal for a dinner cruise or drinks and canapés. We offer catering and design a personalized route for your group. The boats have a roof and are comfortable and stable.

#4 The Speedy:

If you are looking for adventure, Zodiac boats are just right for you. With a max speed of 71 knots – equivalent to131 km/h – your group is guaranteed an action-packed experience. The boats are specially designed to remain stable even at high speeds and can take up to 12 passengers.

#5 The Historical:

Copenhagen’s harbour is home to many old, beautiful vessels; three of them are berthed very centrally by the Opera and the royal palace, and can be booked for business and pleasure. The ships date back to 1900 and have room for up to 42 passengers.


Whether we plan a picnic or an unforgettable and unique meeting for your group on the schooners, these elegant, historical ships never fail to impress.

Is your group looking for a classic, sustainable, historical or action-packed experience in Copenhagen harbour? We are ready to plan your unforgettable experience on the water. For more information and reservations, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on or by phone: +45 33 45 45 11

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BDP Supports: BYBI sustainable honey production

BDP has supported BYBI’s fascinating and sustainable honey production concept since 2012 and has only grown more fond of it over the years. Apart from sponsoring 140.000 of the City Bees, we also plan tours and events with BYBI.

Have you ever tasted honey ice cream? BYBI is all about sustainability; the ice cream bicycle can be booked for groups all over Copenhagen, serving refreshing, locally-produced honey ice cream.

We can also arrange a special “honey tasting”, where your group tastes the different honey varieties produced in Copenhagen’s neighbourhoods. Each jar of honey has its own story.

Interested in getting even closer to the bees? For a hands-on experience, we can plan your group’s visit to BYBI where you get to produce your own honey! Each participant gets to take a jar of honey home as a reminder of this unique experience featuring so many wonderful colours, smells and tastes.

Try a combination of these experiences; how about a bicycle tour in Copenhagen with a pit stop for a honey tasting? A guided walking tour can also be arranged with a short break in e.g. the beautiful park “Kongens Have” where your group finds the BYBI ice cream bicycle for fresh and sweet honey ice cream.

Get in touch with Ebbe Kiær for more information: or +45 33 45 45 11.

About BYBI:

The company was founded in 2010 with the core values of being green, sustainable and enriching the local community and environment through the production. BYBI does this by involving asylum seekers and the homeless; BYBI supports the socially excluded through education in honey production, sale and bee reproduction. Today there are approximately 20 bee yards in Copenhagen and the number keeps growing.

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