As a company of the 21st century BDP is aware of the importance of limiting its footprint on the planet. Being aware of sustainability, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, waste reduction, it is imperative for BDP as a company to take responsibility and show suppliers, costumers, partners and employees that this mission is to be taken seriously by all parties.  Therefore, BDP has taken the step and


Aim to be a CO2 neutral company by 2025


Our vision is to provide better experiences & events for a better planet


At BDP we commit ourselves to this mission by focusing on our impact on the environment being it our relations with costumers, community or employees, or being in our daily routines.


BDP’s three main areas of focus –


a) Environment (Taking Care) – sustainability (including supply chain).

Our business is proud of our destination and we wish to share and introduce it to our guests in a manner that will allow generations to also enjoy it. All of what we work with is connected to the environment and it is for this reason we monitor our footprint and effect on the factors we use for our business, this includes our supply chain and community.


b) Externally – Business Integrity (How We Work) –Social responsibility and Behavior.

BDP also wishes to do business in a way that benefits all who are involved with BDP. We have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of our external working environment. This is done by making sure we act in a way that does not degenerate or destroy an honest working environment through acts of bribery and exploitation.


c) Internally – Responsible Labour Practices (Employee Care) – occupational health service, safe working environments, human rights (anti-child labour, discrimination etc.)

Internally BDP works to have a high Occupational Health and Safety standard together with responsible labour practices making sure all employees (full-time, part-time, freelancer) are treated respectfully accordingly to laws and through positive working conditions.


At BDP we aim at:


Waste management

  • Reuse wasted printer paper, boxes, plastics, and cardboard
  • Sort garbage (glass, papers, electric devices, plastics)
  • Recycle, whatever is possible to recycle (printer toners cartridges, electronic devises, newspapers, bottles and glass etc.)

Resource consumption

  • Use energy-saving measures in order to save carbon dioxide emission.
  • Buy local products where possible to save carbon dioxide emission.
  • Reducing unnecessary waste of products
  • Use water, power and heat with care
  • Buy recycled products or products, which are composed of „green“ components (food, paper etc.) and thus environment-friendly.
  • Use public means of transportation, walk or use a bike when attending meetings outside the office. Company bike available.
  • Minimize the use of transportation by air and replace by train where applicable.
  • Increased use of online meetings and email.


Crowd Management & local environment (over-tourism)

  • Limit the impact of our tour and programmes on the local environment, it being nature, historical sites or urban communities, but careful planning and crowd management.


Product development

  • Create products and programmes with focus on carbon dioxide emission limitation, sustainability and eco-products, i.e. by encouraging clients to attend walking tours, bike tours etc.
  • Encourage the clients to book accommodation at sustainable-certified suppliers and hotels.


Supplier standard

  • Choose suppliers with a focus on sustainability policies and thinking and they come in as the first choice.
  • Suppliers with sustainable policies and products will have priority when choosing suppliers.



  • BDP believes in equal and sound business relations based on transparency and trust.
  • BDP is against the commercial exploitation, abuse of men, women, children, ethnic minorities Furthermore, no discrimination of any kind and harassment whatsoever of staff, guests and all who work and have relations with BDP. We pay tribute to diversity and openminded-ness.
  • BDP reject bribes of any form and follow the current laws in place in order to foster a legal, law-abiding business environment.


Working environment & health

  • Offer the best and safe working environment for its staff – both physical and psychical.
  • Consider sustainability in existing and new working routines. (E.g. encourage establishing more electronic routines)
  • BDP follow all laws pertaining to Danish labour practices and we aim to keep the high Danish standard through our OHS system.


Staff training

  • Increase the awareness of sustainability and resource consumption issues to its staff through information sharing and education. Education is made continuously in order to keep up with the newest knowledge in sustainability.



  • Setting up measurable goals for saving energy, waste, use less plastic etc.
  • Currently, evaluate our internal/external routines and processes and reconstruct them in order to minimize waste and emissions.



  • Employees, management and owners at BDP take responsibility of carrying out the principles and make the written word put into action. Every team member commits him or herself to act on this.


Yours sincerely,



Hanne Nehmar

Managing Director


For questions or comments about our sustainability policy, please contact Hanne Nehmar at