BDP is a privately-owned company with a focus on Cruise, Congress and Events business. Furthermore, BDP owns the guide and hostess agency, Gvidi.


In a world facing challenges in climate and resources and lately also the industry challenge of “over-tourism, it is imperative for us all to take responsibility,  a responsibility that BDP is willing to take, being it:  Environment, Business Integrity or Responsible Labor Practice. Three areas that have become very important focus areas.


BDP has contact to many suppliers, partners and guests during a year and as such have found it important to document guidelines regarding, how we wish the respective parties to conduct business and act when working with BDPs.


It is important for all who work with BDP to be aware of our business values and practices and know that we conduct ourselves in a responsible manner.


We work collectively to give back to society and our planet where possible, which is why we are the proud main sponsor of (City Bee project), but also subsidizing homeless projects, SOS Children’s Villages and Paralympics – and participate in an official sustainability group in Copenhagen for over-tourism.


The establishing of responsibilities and working on “safe” relationships is a key part of securing safe working practices and promoting a culture of responsibility and safety within BDP and our sub-contractors. BDP is compliant with all health, safety, labour, and environmental laws and regulations in Denmark and surrounding countries.


BDP is aware that practising the above is hard work and an on-going process where the needs are changing, but we keep focus on adapting and wishes to be a compliant company for the future.


Our vision is to provide better sustainable experiences & events for a better planet 


Hanne Nehmar

Owner & CEO