Music sounds better with BDP

Date: 15th, December 2017

Client: Libratone

Location: Salon K


“Thanks to BDP our Christmas party exceeded all expectations!

Everything was perfectly well organised, from the venue to the decoration of the tables and the surprise games that made the party start from the moment we arrived. So much creativity, so much team spirit, so much fun!

We look forward to organising our next company events with you!”


BDP was happy to organize the julefrokost (Christmas party) of one of the edgiest companies in Denmark: Libratone. Specializing in speakers, this young and dynamic company was given a night of celebration of their love of music and glamour. From designing the theme to creating sparkling graphics, menus, and nametags as well as an exclusive warm-up musical game, the BDP team was not short of ideas to turn this event into a magical evening in the spirit of music. After a three-course menu, the evening continued with tasty organic cocktails and drinks which were developed with help from Nohrlund Cocktails, specially developed for the personality of our guests. BDP delivered a completely tailor-made party solution, so the guests could lean back and enjoy the evening in the spirit of music.

BDP tasks: 

Organising, decorating, logistics, hosting, service, food and drinks

Business events, Frontpage

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