International Olympic Committee, Copenhagen 2009

Client: Olympic Committee of Madrid

Guests: 500

Location: Copenhagen

Assignment: In October 2009 the International Olympic Committee had a conference in Copenhagen to decide where Olympic Games in 2016 was to take place. Madrid was one of the candidates, and BDP Congress was in charge of all their services, such as accommodation for 500 persons including the King & Queen of Spain, Raúl (football player), Miguel Indurain (racing cyclist) and a range of other Spanish celebrities. We were furthermore in charge of installation of the headquarter at Hotel d’Angleterre, and we arranged all technical equipment for the press conferences and special arrangements for the media, transportation and tours.


Testimonials: First of all I would like to congratulate you for all the work your team developed during our stay in Copenhagen. Thanks a lot for all your work. Regardless the final result for Madrid, everything was perfect and we are happy for that.
Best regards Gerardo A. Corral Cuadrade

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