Dine fancy, play volleyball, or jump straight in the water at Halvandet

A unique venue where it is possible to dine fancy, play volleyball, or jump straight in the water – whatever you prefer. Relax and enjoy a cocktail in the cabana as you watch the waves beat across the sea with wonderful Copenhagen as your primary view.

Halvandet entails all the raw and industrial details as the rest of the locations on Refshaleøen. However, Halvandet has accomplished to make their industrial halls and the outdoor area exclusive and elegant at the same time. This is a venue where it is just as appropriate to wear your bikini as it is to wear your most extravagant evening gown.

In the summertime, Halvandet is open for the public where it turns into a beach club with sunbeds, beach chairs, and the possibility of bathing in the ocean. As you enjoy a day at Halvandet music will be playing, the drinks will be cold and the food delicious. You probably won’t even believe you are still in Copenhagen when you see this place. Its atmosphere more resembles somewhere in the south; so combined with its distinctive industrial look – it truly is a place of its own.

The location is called “The Cable Halls” as they were used to produce cables once upon a time for the B&W shipyard. Halvandet consists of one very large hall and one smaller hall, which can be used for events.

If you would like to know more about using Halvandet for your group, please contact Ebbe Kiær at +45 33 45 45 11 or ek@bdp.dk

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Do you dare to do this?

At Urban Ranger Camp you use the same elevator, stair- and walkway during the activities, which existed during the shipyard’s existence. You are literally walking in the same steps as the B&W workers.

You can definitely expect to be challenged at Urban Ranger Camp. They have the world’s largest indoor high roping field. If you choose the high roping experience you will be doing rope activities in a height of 50 meters. The Royal Danish Theatres backdrop workshop uses the floor space for its many sets, making it even more exiting to be walking around above. We promise you that you will be able to feel your heart almost pounding out of your chest with excitement.

Otherwise you can choose team challenge activities, which are great to use for teambuilding or employee development. These activities will definitely also get your adrenaline running.

It is possible (when your pulse has slowed a bit down again – of course) to combine these activities with a corporate meeting or a small conference on location.

Urban Ranger Camp and Copenhagen Paintball share the location S1 and S2 at Refshaleøen. The biggest of the halls is S2 and has the impressing measurements of 150 meters long, 50 meters wide and 75 meters tall. Before B&W closed this large space was used to build sections for the gigantic B&W ships. Before the ships could sail off into Øresund they were assembled with these parts in the nearby dock.

If you would like to know more about using Urban Ranger Camp for your group, please contact Nathalie Lambert at +45 33 45 45 12 or nl@bdp.dk

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CPH Food Walk: Gastro Tour in Copenhagen

The famous restaurant Noma, announced « Best Restaurant in the World » four times in the last five years, has made the New Nordic cuisine known all over the world. This sustainable and creative trend with focus on local products is spreading throughout the city, making a visit to Copenhagen an unforgettable culinary experience and a must for all food enthusiasts.

Our three hour guided tour, CPH Food Walk, lets your group explore all the best Danish specialities. Discover the up and coming cafes, shops and restaurants in Copenhagen, enjoy a bunch of local delicacies and refreshments around the city – accompanied by a local foodie guide who will tell you all about the neighbourhoods visited on the way.

Your group will visit some of the most interesting and hip streets in Copenhagen, home of the trendiest hotspots where you will meet locals with a passion for food. Get some fresh air on the walk and sit back and relax riding a rickshaw – enjoy the view in between the stops, and tease your taste buds at each place. By the end of it, your group will be left with (a full stomach!) a whole new impression of Danish gastronomy through personal experiences with local chefs and food aficionados.

We will design your tour depending on your group’s wishes in terms of stops, tour length and any requirements you may have for your group. Get in touch with Nathalie Lambert for a customized Food Walk in Copenhagen on nl@bdp.dk or +45 33 45 45 12.

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Carlsberg Conference Centre: new facilities in 2016

Consumed by approximately 15 million people worldwide daily, and with a production of no less than 750.000 Carlsberg bottles per hour, the brew is one of the most popular in the world – while also being one of the oldest in the region Europe.

Over the years, Carlsberg’s old brewery site has been transformed to offer a range of experiences and activities including beer tasting, guided tours or a ride in a horse carriage with Carlsberg’s impressive dray horses.

This year Carlsberg Conference Centre will open its doors, offering 15 meeting rooms and a larger hall, fully technically equipped with a range of venues for 4 -70 guests. These new facilities are situated right next to the exciting 10.000 m2 Visitor Centre – so why not end a productive day with an informal and relaxed dinner in the rustic ambience of Bar Jacobsen?

Carlsberg is “probably the best” place to have your next meeting or conference…

To find out more and discover how we can plan your next meeting or conference at a different venue, get in touch with Nathalie Lambert on +45 33 45 45 12 or nl@bdp.dk.

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Luxurious Hotel Nobis coming to Copenhagen

Have you already been to the prestigious Nobis Hotel in Stockholm? The Swedish hotel chain Nobis AB will be opening another luxurious Nobis Hotel 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ right at the city centre of Copenhagen. Nobis Copenhagen will take over the 5.500 m2 old music conservatory; its 80 rooms and restaurant will be situated right next to the city hall, Tivoli and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – it could not be more central.

The Swedish Nobis is Stockholm’s first contemporary luxury hotel and a member of Design Hotels ™. Needless to say, we are excited to see what the Copenhagen version will be like when it opens in 2017!

Stay tuned for more information on Copenhagen’s very own Nobis.

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Rainbow Tour: Walk in the footsteps of The Danish Girl

Ever wondered where the first ever registration of a homosexual couple took place? Did you know that a Dane was one of the first to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, marking a revolution for the LGBT community?

On this tour, your group will walk in the footsteps of “The Danish Girl” to experience the Danish transgender love story between Gerda Wegener and Lili Elbe up close. On a visit to the museum Arken, your group will see the famous Gerda Wegener’s colourful paintings of Lili Elbe, sensual and flirtatious women, inspired by carnivals and other entertainment.

Your guided tour continues on a stroll down the gorgeous cobbled streets of Copenhagen, where your group will discover the historic places from the film with their own eyes. Charming locations as seen on screen, such as the Nyhavn canal and the Royal Theatre are visited, bringing you close to the artist couple, Gerda Wegener and the transgender Lili Elbe, and their time spent together in Copenhagen. Along the way there will be stops at other spots significant for the LGBT community; refreshments are served at the world’s oldest LGBT bar, where after your guide will take you to the “Rainbow Square” and tell you about the first ever registration of a homosexual couple on 1 October, 1989.

Dinner is served at Restaurant Kronborg, a cozy restaurant popular within the gay community, followed by a special “The Danish Girl” cocktail at the classy cocktail bar Curfew in the heart of Copenhagen. From there, many other LGBT-friendly bars are just a walk away…

For more information and booking, please get in touch with Ebbe Kiær on ek@bdp.dk or +45 33 45 45 11.

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The BDP Team – on Ice!

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Danish Christmas Dinner: traditional dishes

Christmas should be seen as the alternative high season for visitors, with so many traditional dishes and activities unique to Danish culture. However, visiting Denmark to try a typical Danish Christmas dinner may be a valid reason on its own…

Having a peek inside the average Danish kitchen on December 24, you will most often be met by the lovely smell of caramel glazed potatoes, roast pork, duck, and red cabbage with red currant jelly. This is typically followed by the creamy rice dessert, “Ris à l’amande”, topped with cherry sauce. The dessert is at the same time a fun game for all, as one whole almond is left unchopped in this almond-based dish, waiting to be found by one lucky person – who then receives a gift, the so-called “almond present”.

Danes spend a lot of time at the table during Christmas; traditional “Christmas lunches” can be experienced already in November, where the same dishes may be served along with Danish “smørrebrød” – traditional open sandwiches – usually accompanied by one-too-many Christmas brews and homemade “snaps” – a wide variety of bitters infused with tasty spices such as cardamom, orange, vanilla and cinnamon. “Skål!”… Cheers, as we say in Danish 😉

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Danish Christmas Activities & Traditions

In between the Christmas treats, lunches and dinners, there are a range of traditional activities to do. Why not bake your own Danish “peberkager”, “æbleskiver or make your own artistic “konfekt”? Let’s divide your group into teams and have a Bake Off – Christmas Edition!

Your group can also visit Sweden to experience the Santa Lucia tradition or visit the Christmas markets in Malmö on a short trip across the “Øresund” bridge in the afternoon, before returning to a Danish Christmas dinner in the evening. Between the courses, Danes typically enjoy a game of “pakkeleg” – everyone brings a small, wrapped gift; set the timer and roll the dice – roll a six and grab a gift. Who ends up with most presents?

Denmark offers many Christmas markets all over the country. See as many as possible on a Christmas market hop; we will organize your tour with transport. Our Gastro Tours are popular all year round – a special Christmas Gastro Tour can be arranged for groups, with activities incorporated and with stops at popular Christmas markets and restaurants. We recommend a stroll down the famous “Strøget” shopping street and visiting Tivoli to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations for a unique experience.

Want to know more about our Christmas activity programmes and events? Please contact Ebbe Kiær on +45 33 45 45 11 or e-mail ek@bdp.dk